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Name: Laura
DOB: October 28, 1989
Location: Floirda
School (private, public, boarding, college?) Sophomore in high school. I cannot wait for college though, 2 more years!
Music: Jack Johnson is my absolute favorite, DMB, Ben Folds, Coldplay, G.Love and Special Sauce, Ben Kweller, Guster, Fall Out Boy, Anna Nalick, Weezer
Movies: The Notebook, Garden State, Say Anything
Why are you a "prep"?: I think I have a timeless style, good manners, a positive outlook on life, and know when to have fun. I wear the classic brands like Ralph, Lilly, Vera, and J.Crew but I also know that it doesn’t matter that you wear labels all the time as long as you look classic and put together. Other than the clothes aspect though, I’m confident and can handle a lot of situations well and I also particpate in “preppy” activities like tennis. I hope that didn’t make you fall asleep...
What makes you "not preppy": I’m such a sucker for surfer boys! I love to bargain shop as well and my family isn’t totally preppy so I think that influences me.
What prep stereotype do you not agree with: That preps pop their collars all the time. It has become such a trend at my school and when people pop their Hollister collars it bothers me. It’s not all about the clothing.
Do you wear a ribbon in your hair?: Sometimes, but not always.
Do you own the official preppy handbook?: No, but I wish I did.
What is your favorite color combination?: green and purple, and pink and green.
Why should you join this community? I’m friends with a lot of you but I also think it’d be fun to talk with other people like me.
Please add 3+ pictures of yourself.
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thanks for considering me and I love making new friends so feel free to add me and I'll add you back!
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