Life, Lilly, and the Persuit of Happiness


Name: Rebecca

DOB: February 11, ‘93

Location: Lancaster, PA

School (private, public, boarding, college?) Private, Linden Hall School for Girls in Lititz, PA

Music: Hellogoodbye, Jack Johnson, John Mayer

Movies: Rent, Legally Blonde, Happy Feet, Akeelah and the Bee, Mad Hot Ballroom, The Persuit of Happiness, She’s The Man, Step Up

Why are you a "prep"?: Being a prep isn’t just the clothes you wear, or the way you act, or where you go to school. It’s a combination of all these things. I wear the “preppy” clothes, J.Crew, Lilly, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, and Brook Brothers. But that’s not why im “preppy.” I’m preppy because ever since I can remember the way my parents have brought me up. They instilled manners and poise into me. I knew that I had to carry my self in that certain way. In addition, I go to a college prep high school.

What makes you "not preppy": I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I know my opinion matters, and even if it doesn’t quite go along with the “preppy” ways, I’ll say it. Some of my friends aren’t preppy, but that doesn’t stop our frienship.

What prep stereotype do you not agree with: I don’t agree with the stereotype that all preps are cheerleaders. Also, all preps are ditzy blondes that wear pink and green.

Do you wear a ribbon in your hair?: Yep, most definetly!

Do you own the official preppy handbook?: Yes, it’s been on the bookshelf in our sitting room for as long as I can remember.
What is your favorite color combination?: Pink and Green. or Light Pink and Dark Brown.

Why should you join this community? If I were accepted into this community, I would be an active member and post a lot. I’m an old school prep, and know the “preppy ways”

Please add 3+ pictures of yourself.

I am on the left, this is at an Irish dancing competition.

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Maybe now I'll be able to concentrate on studying for my history, chemistry and biology quizzes. Although it's still highly unlikely..

I won the Ebay auction for the Official Preppy Handbook, I'm really excited to finally be getting my own copy. I only have to pay $8.14 Canadian for it, which is pretty cheap I must say. I've heard it's absolutely hilarious. How much did you guys pay for yours?

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