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Name: Samantha Marie but most call me Sammi
DOB: January 31st, 1988
Location: Miami, FL USA
School (private, public, boarding, college?) public (my dad's an administrator at the school). I'll be attending a public university in the fall and eventually when the money comes around, I'll end up at Emory.
Music: fall out boy, rascall flatts, britney spears, RENT, wicked, frank sinatra, hanson, mariah carey (older stuff), no doubt, incubus, dashboard confessional, and more
Movies: Clueless, Finding Neverland, Ever After, Elizabethtown, Disney movies, The Breakfast Club...
Why are you a "prep"?: I love dressing up and looking presentable. I admire people who believe in their dreams and make a difference in this world. I believe in being knowledgeable in world-wide conflicts and do a lot of volunteer work, including working with children at a shelter for women of domestic violence every month (I organize the events). I have been through a lot but refuse to remain anything but optimistic. people try to tell me the days of chivalry are gone, and that old school romance and basic manners no longer exist but I'm determined to keep them alive. I'd choose a glass of champagne over hard liquor any day. I color coordinate my closet and believe that the best things in life are timeless- especially when it comes to fashion! yes, the people at bloomingdales know me by name but I'm not opposed to a great sale at Target either. I'm extremely grateful for my friends, family, and the opportunities I have been blessed with in my life.
What makes you "not preppy": I play the guitar :)
What prep stereotype do you not agree with: the materialistic aspect of it...and the notion that being a prep means you act superior to everyone else when in actuality it is respecting each person and treating them with kindness.
Do you wear a ribbon in your hair?: sometimes
Do you own the official preppy handbook?: no but I have read it. I'd like to own it but neither of the barnes and nobles I go to carry it
What is your favorite color combination?: pink and green, tiffany blue and white
Why should you join this community? I'm active, am already friends with a few of you, and am interested in what this community has to offer.
Please add 3+ pictures of yourself.

earlier this year- two of my closest friends on lincoln road (south beach)...I'm the one on the left
this is an oldie, but it's from 2 years ago at my best friend jake's graduation
again, this is a little outdated. but I was in treatment for an eating disorder and this is a pic of me and a few of the other patients (who I love more than anything) the day I got released.

thanks for reading!! and happy holidays!
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