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Name: Marielle
DOB: April 21
Location: Main Line, PA
School (private, public, boarding, college?) Private, all-girls. It's my 9th year there.
Music: Ben Folds♥, Jack's Mannequin, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Maroon 5
Movies: Bring It On, Zoolander, White Christmas, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Philadelphia Story, Singing in the Rain
Why are you a "prep"?: I pop my collar. I love cable knit. Overall, I dress like a prep. Also my schooling, my upbringing, and where I live is mostly preppy. I'm polite, I act with confidence, I have class, I belong to a country club, I love sailing, etc.
What makes you "not preppy": My family isn't h-core preppy. So I guess that makes me not 100% preppy all the time. I wasn't a kid dressed in Lilly, basically.
What prep stereotype do you not agree with: That preps are stuck up, and don't have fun.
Do you wear a ribbon in your hair?: When it's up, on occasion. I prefer my hair in a bun to in a ponytail, and a ribbon in a bun, in my opinion looks awkward. My hair is usually down. However, I do have a ribbon on my backpack, and a lot of times on my belt loop.
Do you own the official preppy handbook?: I can't say I do, however I've seen them and browsed through and whatnot.
What is your favorite color combination?: Green and Brown, Brown and Pink
Why should you join this community? I'm pretty active, I'm in communities with a lot of you, and I'm preppy.
Please add 3+ pictures of yourself.
Image hosted by
My friend Alex and Me. I love this picture, even though we look like creeps.
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That's all, bye loves.

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whoa. sorry that's second picture's microscopic. Here's what I meant:

Image hosted by
ummm, where on the main line?

I can only say yes, because HOLLA ML!
Surburban Square is like my backyard. You?
cutieee girl :)
Yes. Based solely on the fact that the black and white pic of you in the North Face is so gosh darn cute!