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phoebe says

I'm applying!

Name: Phoebe
DOB: 12/10/87
Location: Dallas, Texas
School: private secular college prep school K-12 (I'm currently in my 13th year).
Music: I like most music. Favourites are: Green Day, Jack Johnson, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw, Straylight Run, Ari Hest, James Blunt
Movies: Harry Potter <33, Love Actually, Chocolat, etc.
Why are you a "prep"?: I think the question is difficult to answer without seeming like the cookie cutter, generic prep. I'm a classy girl, and my style and attitude make me preppy. My upbringing also makes me preppy. As a small child, my parents only bought me clothes from Neiman's and I mostly wore RL polos and jean skirts. Honestly, going to my private school for the entirety of my education thus far has made me who I am, and I'm truly a prep at heart.
What makes you "not preppy": Not much, I suppose. This may be perhaps a very small thing, but I didn't know about Eliza B., CK Bradley, or Vineyard Vines until this summer when I went to Virginia. Texas is definitely not a purveyor of classically preppy people. Also, none of my friends, save for one, is what one would definie a "true prep." They're t-shirt + jeans type of girls.
What prep stereotype do you not agree with: that we're all rolling in money. I'm sure many of us are, but it's not like the majority of us get whatever we want whenever we want it b/c we're that wealthy. Also, I disagree with the issue of snobbery. I hate that people think that we're all snobs. Obviously, we're not.
Do you wear a ribbon in your hair?: I do, indeed. Often.
Do you own the official preppy handbook?: No, I do not. I'm trying to obtain a copy, but it's out of print. (slash if anyone wants to relinquish theirs/has more than one or something, I would love a copy) I have looked through it on more than one occasion, though.
What is your favorite color combination?: navy and pink and white.
Why should you join this community? I am extremely active on LJ, and I think that I would be a good fit for this community, and I really would like to be a part of this community.
Please add 3+ pictures of yourself.

Yay, I love field hockey.

I'm on the right.

I don't look so hot in this picture, but oh well. It's at Washington and Lee, when I was there over the summer for Summer Scholars.

I'm on the very left.

My brother and I. ha ha ha.

In the backyard.

With my dad and my brother in St. Louis.

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